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Nightmare!Anon (For the Koopa RP:) That night, you dream of conquest- your conquest, to be precise- of the Mushroom Kingdom... When you wake up after this dream, you manage to catch a few Boos scattering from your room out of the corner of your eye. They must've been messing with your head, cheeky things.

(Ooh, this is interesting~)

Peach sat up in bed, trembling.
What was that, even? Such a strange dream…
More like a nightmare.
But the Boos, though unnerving, were a bit of a relief.
With a groan, Peach laid her head back down, and drifted back off to sleep. 



“Well, if you’re sure…”
Peach gave a weary smile, practically hanging onto the door frame now. She was exhausted, for sure. The shock of everything had her in a stupor, and at this point, she was willing to believe anything.
“Get some good sleep, alright?”
Even as she said that, she was fighting the urge to yawn. Oh, golly, she was tired. 

The Medic nodded, giving a tired-looking smirk on his face. “Don’t worry about me, I’ve worked here long enough to know how to look after myself.”

The Medic looked a bit out of it for a moment, then snapped back to consciousness. “Oh, uh, right. Two things: Remember to take off that disguise… And more importantly, good luck sleeping with that new shell’a yours.” He chuckled a bit.

“Goodnight, Queen Toadstool.” He began to turn to walk away, giving a brief wave over his shoulder.

Peach closed the door, with a bit of hesitation. She was definitely a bit apprehensive about being separated from one of the few people she felt she could trust. 
But surely there was nothing to worry about?
Removing the wig and placing her bits and pieces of clothing back in the wardrobe, Peach practically fell into bed when she got there. Sure, she could’ve tried to take her shell off, but it was too much effort. She just wanted to sleep.
Maybe this whole thing was just one big nightmare. 


“…W-Well, um…”
Peach whimpered, feeling like a rat in a cage at this point. The suggestions were nice enough, mostly because they weren’t particularly threatening, but what came next? And what if she refused? What then?
The possibilities in mind her endless. Torture,…

Well, she should’ve seen that one coming. Really, no bargaining with Bowser. She should’ve known that from the start. Really, she did, but it was worth a shot.
Now, a cage over a pool of lava. That…probably wasn’t the best option. Maybe it was a good idea to just be agreeable for awhile.
"Uh, um…" Peach looked down, trembling. "Maybe a movie…? If that’s alright with you, that is…" 


Now THIS is how it should be like, Bowser! Everyone looks so happy, even you!


Now THIS is how it should be like, Bowser! Everyone looks so happy, even you!

“Oh, I hope she’s alright!” After seeing two dead people today, Peach needed to see Daisy alright. 

((Oh, alright.)) All 3 arrived at Daisy’s castle. All 3 went inside and looked around for Daisy. She was sitting by the window. ((Peach, your gonna have to act as Daisy in this one.))

((Can do!))

"Daisy…!" Peach let out a sigh of relief, running to hug her friend. "I’m so glad you’re alright!"
"Huh?" Daisy raised an eyebrow, looking baffled. "Of course I’m alright. What’s wrong?"
"Everyone’s either gone, or being killed! Luigi got shot, and he’s lucky to be alive right now." Peach still clung to her friend, practically suffocating the redhead.
"Wait, you’re serious? Everyone?" Daisy’s jaw dropped as she looked around. "I thought it was quiet around here, but…" 


Say cheeese! by ~couchmochi



“We-a-need to… The koopa looked-a-like a ninja.” Luigi said to Peach and Mario.

“…Alright,” Peach agreed, looking a bit defeated. “But where are we supposed to go?”

((oh my god how did you shorten it?)) “What about-a-Daisy? We-a-need to check on-a-her!” Luigi said as he was running to Daisy’s castle. The others followed him.

((I erased the bits above your reply.))

"Oh, I hope she’s alright!" After seeing two dead people today, Peach needed to see Daisy alright.